About Us

Self Learner

Our Vision: Empower young people to be independent learners..


Our Mission: To spread the culture of achievement and productivity among young people through the development of distinct frameworks to enable young people to achieve their goals and future goals.

Our Values: Creative , Competitiveness , Productivity , Independence.


Our Goals::

  • Support young people to be independent learners capable of achievement and production.
  • Supporting youth capacities in producing innovative ideas for themselves and their communities.
  • Seek to find creative young entrepreneurs in different fields.
  • Enabling talented young people to develop their talents and abilities.
  • Provide support and care for gifted and creative young people to overcome the difficulties that limit the growth of their children’s abilities and talents.

    The program addresses five aspects of the child as it seeks balanced growth

    Planning, performance appraisal, skills development, project selection, feasibility study

    Effectiveness, development of plans and practical procedures, study of project life cycle, sources of funding

    Control, start implementation, error modification, project marketing, feasibility study in potential markets

    Formulation, Feasibility Study, Budget Work, Feasibility Study Project, Implementation Plan

    Formulation, Feasibility Study, Budget Work, Feasibility Study Project, Implementation Plan

    Why Self Learner?


    Because it is not easy for a young person to become self-educated and independent, self-direction requires a new approach to learning. The development of cognitive and self-skills requires a mental effort and a rigorous program. Self-awareness and experience in independent project design and implementation requires considerable experience and multiple experiences. As young people develop required skills, concepts and attitudes, they also explore topics and sources of information that can stimulate new ideas for research. The transition to independent self-learning is a growing process that takes time, energy, goals, perseverance and continuous support.
    The self -learner comes to offer a program that helps young people, parents and labs to follow this path.

    Welcome to self learner

    Expected results:


    Develops more positive concepts about self and self-esteem.
    It absorbs its own abilities in relation to self and society.
    Develop appropriate skills for active interaction with peers and the surrounding environment.
    Develop critical and creative thinking skills.
    The responsibility for independent self-learning is shown both inside and outside the school.
    Develop problem solving and decision-making skills.
    Plans his own project with high professionalism.
    Recognizes the importance of his role in serving the Synod.

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